Thursday, January 3, 2013

First things first.....

 I want to introduce my new will be for Jewelry design, tutorials and sales only.  I want this to be a very interactive blog, so I will post often.  We will have a featured item each week  that will be for sale.

Please contact me if you have a specific piece you would like to have designed for purchase.

Each week I will post a tutorial to complete a project.

I want to remind everyone of all my active blogs which  I am using as one would use a websight..... is an actual websight describing my baby planning services is a paper crafting blog, also showcasing is a blog for my Interior Design Services

and this new one      

Please remember that my Interior Design and baby planning services offer GREEN service and education should that be a priority or one you would be interested in learning about.  Healthy living is such an important factor in our lives these days.  Please give me just a few weeks and I will be adding a blog for my green service and I might as well add my baby planning blog into this form also.

I would be glad to visit you to give you an estimate on any of my services you should need.  Referrals are the best thing a business can have, so mention my name to your neighbors and friends!

Thank you for your continued support.

Have a Happy, Healthy and wonderful New Year!


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